Possum Toxins - Controlled Substance Licence required

Possum toxins

Control possums more effectively and humanely with our range of practical and innovative possum toxins. A more environmentally friendly approach to possum control, our possum toxins provide a much lower risk of secondary poisoning for non-target species.

Our range of toxins developed with potassium cyanide have unique features that specifically target possums and deter native birds and non-target species. Plus, they're faster-acting which means a more humane result.

Important: You need a Controlled Substance Licence (CSL)

You need a Controlled Substance Licence (CSL) to buy, store, and use these products. We must sight and record the details of your CSL (and in some situations, your Approved Handler Certificate) before you buy.

For more options, see our range of possum toxins that don't require a CSL.

How to use our possum toxins (that require a CSL)

Our range of possum toxins come in pellet and paste form and are designed to be used in possum bait stations (except Cyanara 50 paste).

You can use:

  • Fixed bait stations – heavy-duty plastic stations to place pellets in
  • Bio Bag bait stations – biodegradable bags with pellets and non-toxic prefeed paste, which are then stapled onto trees or posts

Use a lure or prefeed to encourage possums to bait stations and toxic-bait sites.

Refer to each product’s best practice document for more information on how to use the possum toxin.