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Rat traps come in many different styles and sizes. Find out how to trap, what type of trap works best and some quick tips on rat trapping!

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Eric Mattlin started trapping recently and with every success he's been over the moon.

Read more about his journey as a trapper. 

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Imagine if someone designed a rat trap that your Nana would be happy to chuck up in her ceiling and clear and reset herself.

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In animal behaviour, neophobia refers to the tendency of an animal to avoid or retreat from an unfamiliar object or situation. All phobias are unreasonable sorts of fear that can cause avoidance and panic. 

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We have a variety of Ferafeed Pastes and also cereal Pellets which are used for baiting Possums, Rodents and Wallabies. 

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The EPA on 23 July 2015 removed the major stumbling block to the effective use of PredaStop for Stoat Control -  the requirement for users to notify occupiers of land within 3km of any intended bait station site using PredaStop for Stoats.

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I purchased some D-Blocks with diphacinone active ingredient to control rats and mice at my property which is semi rural.  When I received the product, I was surprised that mice were not on the label claim. 

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Sandra Goodwin from Landcare Okareka has reported that "Erayz rabbit baits are working well - guys have caught many mustelids in last month! Happy customers!

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Wellington residents have discovered they share their backyards with peanut butter-loving weasels, stoats and possums.