Ranger Mouse Bait Station

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Target Species: For Mouse, Mice and Rat Control

“Create a right setting to make them feel at home”

A portable bait station designed bearing in mind, a perfect environment for a mouse. This ranger bait station is used by professional pest controllers for baiting and trapping mice.

It provides a higher catch rate compared to other products in the market.

The Ranger Mouse Bait Station shows an escape route to the mice making it highly efficient. It comes with a key to open the range box, spaces to place two snap traps and a designated part to place baits.

Your success rate will soar as escaping becomes difficult. Use it around homes, office spaces and even in your garden areas. 

Quick Tip: Place the open end of the ranger near a wall/ barricade so mice can easily enter in and try the bait/ get trapped.

Note: Mouse traps aren't included with this bait station. Click here to check out a suitable snap trap.

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  1. Dimensions: (h) 68mm x (w) 301mm x (d) 118mm
  2. Secure dual lockable, tamper resistant lid
  3. Accommodates two mouse snap traps
  4. Spikes allow for use of block baits
  5. Specific compartments for grain bait
  6. Slope leading to trap, eliminating the possibility of mice going underneath the trap treadle
  7. Designed to offer mice a straight run-through/line of sight