NEW PRODUCT - D-Block Extreme

NEW PRODUCT - D-Block Extreme

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NEW PRODUCT D-Block Extreme

Since 2011 we have had a registration for diphacinone hard rodent blocks, with the trade name D-Blocks.  The blocks are loaded at 0.005% diphacinone, are highly palatable and effective for controlling rats.  Connovation rodent baits are fresh, they have no wax to bind the blocks together as rats do not like to eat wax.  Rats have taste preferences similar to humans.   

As a lot of D-Blocks were being used in damp environments such as around wetlands and forests, we had strong customer demand for a hard rat block bait that was longer lasting.  Our Research and Development team have developed a specially formulated coating that is applied to D-Blocks to lengthen field life without compromising palatability and this product is named D-Block Extreme. 

D-Block Extreme baits are designed for use where additional short term protection from humidity or dampness is required.  For use in bait stations only.  Locate bait in dry locations near runways and nesting sites away from children, pets and domestic animals.  Maintain an uninterrupted supply of fresh bait for at least 10 days or longer if signs of rat facticity continue.

D-Block Extreme come in 1kg, 2kg, 4.5kg and 10kg Pails.

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