Rat Trapping in New Zealand: For the More Experienced Trapper

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The diverse landscapes of New Zealand present unique challenges and opportunities in the realm of pest control. As we progress from our beginner's guide, "Rat Trapping 101", this sequel delves into the advanced tools and tactics for rat trapping in New Zealand. With a plethora of products available, understanding their intricate features, benefits, and environmental impacts becomes imperative. Connovation, renowned for its dedication to humane and environmentally conscious solutions, stands out with its offerings that address the specific challenges of rat trapping in New Zealand, ensuring the balance of effective control with the well-being of our natural ecosystem.

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1.a Specialised Trapping Tools for the Expert: Traps

Snap-IT: A Best-Seller for Rat Trapping in New Zealand
A noteworthy addition to the arsenal of tools for rat trapping in New Zealand is the SNAP-IT rat trap. Often hailed as the "perfect trap for all your bait stations," SNAP-IT combines efficiency with ease of use. This powerful kill trap is not only lightweight but is also designed with a strategically placed bait holder that effectively lures rats and mice. Setting the trap is straightforward – pull the metal bar backward until it locks securely. What sets SNAP-IT apart is its sensitivity, ensuring a humane yet effective capture.

A distinctive feature of the SNAP-IT trap is its compatibility with a wide range of bait stations, from the Rodent Bait Station: Run-Through to the Vanguard Rat Bait Station and the Alert 365 - Double Rat Trap Tunnel. Its design, combining durable plastic and metal, ensures longevity while maintaining its lightweight nature. For those in New Zealand looking for a versatile and effective trapping tool, SNAP-IT stands out as a top choice.

The D-Rat Trap Range
Connovation's D-Rat trap range stands out as another top choice for rodent control, catering to a broad spectrum of needs. Engineered to withstand New Zealand's diverse outdoor environments, these traps are as effective in more rural settings as they are around the home. With six distinct versions, from The Minimalist to the Supervisor Max, users can find the right fit for their specific requirements. The Supervisor Max, in particular, is designed with home, backyard, and commercial use in mind, incorporating an automatic safety latch system to help ensure security for pets and children.

The Crocodile Rat Trap
Another formidable tool in Connovation's arsenal is the Crocodile Rat Trap. This snap trap boasts interlocking teeth, ensuring that rats are captured effectively with minimal chance of escape. The removable bait cup is a thoughtful feature, allowing the trap to be fully serviced without being set. Ideal for backyard rat control, the Crocodile Rat Trap promises efficiency without compromising on humane practices.

1.a Specialised Trapping Tools for the Expert: Baits

When it comes to rodent control in New Zealand, choosing the right bait type can significantly influence the success rate.

Feracol Paste
Feracol paste is a potent tool for rat control, offering a combination of bait and toxin to effectively manage rat populations. When using Feracol, it's crucial to follow best practices. Apply the paste in areas frequented by rats, ensuring that the bait is placed out of reach of non-target animals. The paste's consistency and flavour make it highly appealing to rats, ensuring they consume an effective dose. As always, refer to the Safety Data Sheet for detailed usage instructions and safety guidelines.

RatAbate Paste
RatAbate is another effective solution in Connovation's lineup for targeting rats. To achieve optimal results, apply RatAbate in strategic locations where rat activity is evident. The bait's formulation ensures that rats are drawn to it, maximising its efficacy. As with all pest control products, adhering to best practices and safety guidelines is paramount. The provided Safety Data Sheet offers comprehensive insights into RatAbate's safe and effective use.

D-Block Pellets
While Feracol and RatAbate are paste baits, D-Block offers a distinct alternative as a pellet bait. Crafted meticulously to attract and control rodent populations, D-Block's pellet form ensures easy handling and distribution, making it a preferred choice for many professional trappers. Its unique formulation ensures that rats (and mice) are drawn to the bait, consuming a lethal dose quickly. The pellet structure also reduces the risk of spillage or wastage, ensuring that the bait remains in the intended location. Additionally, D-Block extreme comes with an even harder coating intended to extend their field life for use in areas with humid and/or wetter terrain.

Furthermore, when used in tandem with bait stations, D-Block pellets provide an added layer of safety, minimising the risk to non-target species. For trappers in New Zealand seeking a reliable, efficient, and easy-to-use bait solution, D-Block stands out as a robust choice, promising enhanced results in rat control operations.

2. Environmental Impact: RatAbate, Feracol Paste and D-Block

Ensuring environmental impact while tackling pest issues is a priority for Connovation. All of our products are formulated with this in mind, offering effective pest control solutions that minimise environmental impact.

RatAbate: Biodegradability and Secondary Poisoning
RatAbate is designed with the environment at its core. One of its standout features is its biodegradability. RatAbate, uses a 1st generation anticoagulant and therefore has minimal environmental impact due to its short half-life. In contrast, the 2nd generation anticoagulants such as brodifacoum linger in the environment for over a year. When exposed to natural conditions, RatAbate breaks down over a much shorter time therefore, reducing its persistence in the environment and thus minimising potential long-term ecological impacts.

Furthermore, the risk of secondary poisoning with RatAbate is significantly reduced. Secondary poisoning occurs when a predator consumes an animal that has ingested a toxic bait. The formulation of RatAbate ensures that the active ingredients are metabolised quickly in the primary target (the rat), reducing the risk to non-target species that might prey on affected rodents.

Feracol Paste: Biodegradability and Minimised Risks
Like RatAbate, Feracol Paste is also formulated to be biodegradable. Once applied, the ingredients in Feracol Paste begin to naturally degrade when exposed to UV light and/or moisture, ensuring that residues don't persist in the environment for extended periods. This biodegradability not only minimises the environmental footprint of the product but also ensures that non-target species are less likely to come into contact with the bait long after its application.

In terms of secondary poisoning, Feracol Paste is designed to be metabolised rapidly within the primary target species, minimising the residual toxin that might be passed on to predators. This approach ensures that while rats are effectively controlled, the broader ecosystem remains largely unaffected. However, it is important to note that Feracol is not suitable for use in urban areas due to its toxicity to dogs.

D-Block: Biodegradability and Minimised Risks
D-Block is meticulously crafted with a keen focus on environmental conservation. A salient attribute of this pellet bait is its biodegradability. When introduced to the natural environment, the components of D-Block start to degrade, ensuring that they don't linger indefinitely, thus diminishing potential enduring environmental repercussions.

Moreover, the structure and formulation of D-Block play a pivotal role in curtailing the risk of secondary poisoning. This phenomenon, where a predator ingests an animal that has consumed toxic bait, is a concern in pest control. However, D-Block is designed such that its active ingredients are swiftly metabolised by its primary target, the rats or mice. This rapid metabolization minimises the residual toxins in the rodents, thus lowering the potential harm to non-target species that might feed on these rodents.

When used with appropriate bait stations, D-Block's environmental safety is further enhanced. These stations provide a controlled environment for the bait, ensuring that non-target species have limited access.

3. Mastering the Art of Luring

The right lure can significantly enhance the success rate of your trapping efforts. Connovation’s non-toxic lures, such as Eggsellent, Smooth, and Peanut Butter Classic, are designed to attract pests with their unique flavours and scents. The Eggsellent lure, resembling a thicker and stickier egg, is perfect for drawing in possums, rats, and stoats. On the other hand, the sweet, blue Smooth paste with its cinnamon allure is a favourite among possums, while the Peanut Butter Classic offers a delectable mix of peanut butter, cinnamon, and citrus to entice rats.

Duncan spraying the aerosol lure on the tree trunk to attract possums to the flipping timmy

4. The Science of Prefeeding

Successful pest control operations often rely on the strategy of prefeeding. By introducing target animals to the flavour and delivery method of a non-toxic prefeed, they become more receptive to toxic baits introduced later on. This familiarity boosts the effectiveness of control operations, ensuring pests are more likely to consume the bait.

5. Safety and Efficacy in Pest Control

Balancing safety with efficacy is crucial in pest control. Connovation ensures this balance through products like RatAbate, Feracol and D-Block, which come with detailed Safety Data Sheets. These sheets provide users with vital information, ensuring that the products are used safely and effectively, aligning with the company's commitment to maintaining pest control practices that are as humane as possible.

6. Versatile Solutions for Diverse Pests

Beyond rats, Connovation's products are adept at tackling a range of pests, including possums, stoats, and mice. The emphasis is always on providing solutions that are both effective and as humane as possible. The traps and lures are designed to cater to the specific behaviours and preferences of these pests, ensuring optimal results without causing unnecessary suffering.

7. Optimising Trap Placement and Maintenance

For the seasoned trapper, knowing where and how to set up traps is crucial. Connovation's traps are designed for versatility, whether you're mounting them on trees or setting them up near walls. Regular maintenance, such as checking traps every couple of days and cleaning them after every catch, ensures their longevity and effectiveness.

8. Leading the Way in Humane Pest Control

Connovation stands at the forefront of ethical pest control, continuously innovating and refining its products to ensure they meet the highest standards of humanity and efficacy possible. As the field evolves, Connovation remains committed to offering solutions that prioritise the well-being of both the environment and the pests it seeks to control.


In New Zealand, with its unique ecosystems and biodiversity, the importance of informed and ethical pest control cannot be overstated. This guide emphasises the dedication of Connovation to provide solutions tailored for rat trapping in New Zealand, harmonising effectiveness with ecological safety. As we navigate the delicate balance between human needs and environmental preservation, such focused innovations ensure a harmonious coexistence. Whether you're an experienced trapper in New Zealand or a novice keen on expanding your knowledge, this guide aims to be a pivotal resource in your endeavours for humane and effective rat control in the region.

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