Bait Stations: The Ultimate Guide to Pest Control with Connovation

Bait Stations: The Ultimate Guide to Pest Control with Connovation

Pest control is an essential part of maintaining a healthy and safe environment in our homes, sheds, and storage units. Connovation offers a diverse range of bait stations and traps that cater to various pests, ensuring you have the right tools for effective management. Here's a comprehensive guide to the best bait stations for each pest and our recommendations.

Rodent Bait Stations: A Clever Choice for Clever Critters

Run Through Rodent Bait Station (above)
Our 'Run Through' model is designed to entice the wiliest of rodents with a clear escape route — a psychological tick for rats and mice. Use it with:

D-Block or D-Block Extreme
RatAbate paste

Secure with the horizontal bar or provided holders

For trapping, the D-Rat Minimalist and Snap-IT Rat Trap are snug fits. Place this station around your property for optimal effect.

Zig Zag Bait Station
For those who prefer an alternative approach, the Zig Zag bait station is like a fortress. Its maze-like design helps reduce risk for non-target species and holds the same baits and traps as the Run Through model. Plus it is lockable, tamper-proof, and perfect for residential areas.

Philproof Bait Station (above)
The versatile Philproof caters to a broader range of pests like possums, rodents, and even rabbits. Available in various sizes, it's robust, weatherproof, and easy to transport and mount. It's a top-quality choice for those who need a multi-species solution.

Specialised Bait Stations: Tailored for Efficiency

Ranger Mouse Bait Station
A mouse's paradise that ensures a higher catch rate. It's portable, lockable, and cleverly allows room for both bait and traps. Place it strategically against walls to guide mice in effectively.

Rotech Rat Bait Station (above)
Rotech's single-entry design, coupled with its unique grill, ensures high interaction rates with rats. It's compact, suitable for both indoor and outdoor use, and can accommodate various bait types.

Vanguard Rat Bait Station
The Vanguard offers simplicity and versatility. It’s a tried-and-tested product for professionals, with compartments for different bait types and a clear line of sight to attract rodents.

Advanced Solutions: Tech Meets Pest Control

EnviroMate100TM Bait Station (above)
This automated station is a game-changer with its programmable bait dispensing. It's durable, environmentally friendly, and perfect for possums and rodents. The EnviroMate100TM maximises efficiency with its internal rotation system, ensuring fresh bait and lure distribution.

Alert 365 - Double Rat Trap Tunnel
For those looking to save time, the Alert 365 comes equipped with a flagging system to indicate trap activity. It's compatible with various baits and traps, making it a convenient and time-efficient choice.

D-Rat Trap Range: (above) Safe, Easy, and Effective
Connovation's D-Rat traps are the epitome of user-friendly design. Suitable for a wide audience, from urban use to rural professionals, they're powerful, easy to use, and designed to withstand New Zealand’s harsh outdoor conditions. The range includes:

The Minimalist
The Basic
The Works
Supervisor variants

EnviroTools: Making Trapping Fun and Functional
EnviroTools' products are a testament to the blend of functionality and engagement. They're designed to be interactive, safe, and easy to use — perfect for getting the younger generation involved in conservation efforts.

Final Thoughts
With Connovation's range of bait stations and traps, you have access to the best pest control solutions on the market. Remember, as part of our commitment to environmental sustainability, we provide one key per 5 bait stations, with additional keys available upon request at no extra cost.

For more information on our products, visit Connovation's Rodent Control Products.

Take control of your pest problems with Connovation — where innovation meets conservation.

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