A Guide to Wallaby Lures: Effective Tools for Targeted Control

A Guide to Wallaby Lures: Effective Tools for Targeted Control

In New Zealand, the presence of wallabies poses a significant threat to native ecosystems and agricultural lands. These non-native species compete with indigenous wildlife for resources and contribute to habitat degradation. Effective management strategies are crucial in mitigating their impact and one of the key components in managing them is the use of wallaby lures. Connovation offers two main types of wallaby lures designed to attract these animals, making it easier to control their populations. This blog explores the features and benefits of these lures.

Understanding Wallaby Lures

Wallaby lures are specialised products designed to attract wallabies to specific locations, facilitating their capture or control. By appealing to the wallabies' senses, these lures increase the effectiveness of traps and bait stations. Connovation provides two primary types of wallaby lure: Ferafeed 213 Paste and Ferafeed Pellets. Both types have unique features tailored to specific management needs.

Detailed Overview of Connovation’s Wallaby Lures

  1. Ferafeed 213 Paste
  • Description: Ferafeed 213 Paste is a highly palatable lure / pre-feed designed specifically to attract wallabies. This non-toxic paste is formulated to appeal to the dietary preferences of wallabies, ensuring they are drawn to bait stations or traps where the paste is applied.
  • Features:
    • High Attractiveness: The formulation is crafted to be highly attractive to wallabies, increasing the likelihood of interaction with bait stations. Human-grade ingredients such as grains and peanut butter are just some of the delectable ingredients used to attract target pests. 
    • Non-Toxic: As a non-toxic lure, Ferafeed 213 Paste poses no risk to non-target species, making it a safe option for use in diverse environments.
  • Applications: Ideal for use in areas with high wallaby activity, such as agricultural lands, forest edges, and conservation areas, Ferafeed 213 Paste helps ensure that control measures are effectively targeted.
  1. Ferafeed Pellets
    • Description: Ferafeed Pellets are an essential, non-toxic tool for effective wallaby control. Designed for prefeeding, these pellets lure the target animals with the bait significantly enhancing the success of subsequent bait applications.
  • Features:
      • Highly palatable: Made with extruded grain, these pellets are easily eaten and appealing to wallabies.
    • Easy to use: Conveniently placed in bait stations or scattered around traps.
    • Applications: Use Ferafeed non-toxic pellets to prefeed before introducing other toxic bait options. Place them in permanent bait stations or around traps to lure target animals.

    Benefits of Using Wallaby Lures

    • Increased Efficacy: By drawing wallabies to specific locations, these lures increase the success rate of trapping and baiting efforts.
    • Safety: All lures are non-toxic, ensuring that they do not pose risks to non-target species or the broader environment.
    • Versatility: The lures can be applied in various settings, from conservation areas to farmlands, providing flexible solutions for different management scenarios.

    Effective wallaby management is crucial for protecting New Zealand’s unique ecosystems and agricultural productivity. Connovation’s wallaby lures offer powerful, non-toxic solutions that enhance the efficacy of control measures. By incorporating these lures into your pest management strategy, you can more effectively target wallaby populations, helping ensure a balanced and healthy environment.

    For more information on how to use these lures or to discuss tailored solutions for your specific needs, visit Connovation’s website or contact our expert team. Together, we can implement effective and responsible wallaby management strategies.

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