The D-Rat Trap Range

The D-Rat Trap Range

Connovation's D-Rat Trap Range stands out as a pinnacle of innovation in the field of rodent control. These traps are meticulously crafted to offer a combination of safety, ease of use, and effectiveness, making them an ideal choice for a diverse array of users, from young enthusiasts to seasoned professionals.


Let's delve into the unique features of each model in this range:

The Minimalist

  • Design Philosophy: Stripped down to the essentials, The Minimalist is perfect for those who prefer a straightforward, no-frills approach to rodent control.
  • Features: It lacks a protective shroud, reset lever, or fasteners, focusing purely on functionality and simplicity.
  • User Group: Ideal for experienced users who require a basic, yet effective solution.


The Basic

  • Enhanced Utility: Building on The Minimalist's design, The Basic includes a reset lever, adding convenience to the user experience without complicating the design.
  • Features: This model forgoes the shroud and fasteners but retains the essential elements needed for effective trapping.
  • User Group: Suited for those who need a bit more functionality but still prefer a straightforward device.


The Works

  • Comprehensive Solution: As the name suggests, The Works includes all the features – a shroud, reset lever, fasteners, and setting instructions.
  • Features: This is the all-in-one solution in the D-Rat range, designed for maximum efficiency and safety.
  • User Group: Perfect for beginners or those who prioritize safety and ease of use, including families with children.

Supervisor Variants

  • Advanced Design: The Supervisor series is tailored for both domestic and commercial environments, with enhanced safety features.


  • Supervisor Shroud Only: Offers an extended shroud that can be fitted onto traps with included cable ties for added safety.
  • Supervisor Max: Combines all the features of The Works with an automatic safety latch system, providing complete protection for pets and children.
  • User Group: Ideal for use in settings where safety is paramount, such as homes with pets and children, or commercial spaces where non-target species might interact with the trap.

Each model in the D-Rat Trap Range is constructed with high-quality materials, ensuring durability and consistent performance, even in the challenging outdoor conditions of New Zealand. This range not only addresses the practical aspects of rodent control but also considers the safety and ease of use for a wide spectrum of users, making it a leading choice in humane and effective rodent management.


  • Connovation

    Hi Jude, sure is! See here: it is shown mounted on a tree using a zip tie to keep it in place. Thanks!

  • Jude Bosworth

    Is the D rat trap suitable for hanging in trees.

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