Mastering Pest Trapping in New Zealand: A Comprehensive Guide with Connovation

Nestled deep in the southwestern Pacific Ocean, New Zealand is often lauded as "The Last Eden". A haven of unparalleled biodiversity, its unique flora and fauna have evolved over millions of years, shielded by isolation. Yet, this very isolation has rendered our ecosystems vulnerable to the onslaught of invasive species. In the battle to protect our native wildlife, pest control emerges as an indispensable tool, with companies like Connovation leading the charge.

The Pests of New Zealand

Hailing from Australia, possums were introduced to New Zealand in the 1800s with the aim of establishing a fur industry. However, these creatures soon became an ecological nightmare. Not only did they feast on vast quantities of native vegetation, but their predation on bird eggs, chicks, and insects put many indigenous species at risk.

Rats (Ship, Norway, and Kiore):
While they might have arrived on ships with early sailors and settlers, these rats quickly claimed New Zealand as their own. Adaptable and omnivorous, they've infiltrated various habitats, posing a relentless threat to our ecosystem.

Size can be deceiving. Stoats, though small, are formidable predators. Initially introduced as a means to control the burgeoning rabbit population, they swiftly pivoted, turning their predatory instincts towards New Zealand's cherished native birdlife.

Mice, though seemingly innocuous, are significant contributors to the ecological imbalance. Competing with native species for food, they also serve as primary prey for larger predators, indirectly boosting those populations and exacerbating the ecological threat.

Pest Trapping and Control Methods

While traditional methods have had their moments of success, the fight against these invasive pests demands a more nuanced approach. Leveraging technology and a deeper understanding of pest behaviour is paramount to crafting effective solutions.

Connovation’s Arsenal Against Stoats and Other Pests

1. Feracol:
Feracol is an ingenious concoction designed specifically to tackle possums and rats. It's not just the effectiveness that sets it apart, but its design ensures minimal impact on non-target species. In fact, Feracol doesn’t affect birds, making it a fantastic bait of choice when working to protective our native wildlife. By reducing collateral damage, it serves as an eco-friendly choice for those conscious of preserving the natural balance.

2. Ratabate Paste:
Ratabate is the epitome of sustainable pest control for rats. This biodegradable bait is formulated to deal with pests while ensuring the environment remains untarnished. Over time, it breaks down, ensuring no lasting residues, which underscores Connovation’s commitment to a greener planet.

3. D-Block Pellets:
D-Block pellet baits for rats are a testament to Connovation's commitment to adaptability. Tailored to suit New Zealand's unique ecological conditions, these baits offer an efficient means to tackle pests without compromising the safety of other species.

4. SNAP-IT Rat Trap:
The SNAP-IT Rat Trap blends simplicity with efficiency. It's designed for ease of setup while ensuring optimal effectiveness, making it an essential tool for those looking for hassle-free pest control.

5. Trap Tunnel:
For those elusive trap-shy pests, the Trap Tunnel serves as an ideal solution. You can place pre-feed in it prior to introducing bait, adding another layer of efficacy to this trap for bait-shy pests. This caged tunnel, designed for live capturing, ensures the trapped animals are treated as humanely as possible. It's crafted meticulously to attract pests, and its strong door locking system ensures that once inside, escape is impossible. The dual entry doors increase interaction, making it more effective.

6. DOC Series Traps (DOC 150 & DOC 200):
The DOC series of traps, including the DOC 150 and DOC 200, are industry-standard kill traps for pests like stoats, rats, and hedgehogs. Made with durable materials such as stainless steel and/or galvanised iron, these traps are a testament to Connovation's commitment to quality. With options for different housings, these traps can be tailored to various environments. Our DOC boxes are specifically designed to be less obtrusive and all sharp edges are removed so pests are not deterred by the trap itself. Made from sturdy treated timber these boxes are durable and effective.

7. PredaSTOP for Stoat Control:
PredaSTOP is a revolutionary stoat toxin, designed for both stoats and feral cats. Once ingested, it renders the predator lethargic, leading to a humane death. One of its standout features is its minimal environmental impact. The toxin poses a negligible risk of secondary poisoning, ensuring safety for other wildlife.

8. Erayz Baits and Lures:
Erayz offers both non-toxic paste and jerky blocks, designed to attract mustelids and rats. Based on rabbits, their natural prey, these baits serve as irresistible lures. They're longer-lasting in a dry environment, but it is important you ensure you change the bait / lure monthly to keep it fresh. When paired with Connovation's Lure-It range, which offers varied scents, the attractiveness of the bait is amplified, ensuring better results.

9. Lure-It Concentrated Lure:
Lure-It is a range of strong-smelling lures designed to attract a variety of pests. These scents can be applied near traps or bait stations, enhancing their effectiveness. With a myriad of scents available, from cinnamon for possums to salmon for stoats, there's a Lure-It scent for every situation. Lure-It comes ready to use in a pump bottle, offering a convenient and mess-free solution to attract a wide range of pest species. Its potent formula can be dispensed with precision, helping to ensure that the right amount of scent is applied to maximize the effectiveness of your traps and bait stations. Whether you're targeting possums with the alluring scent of cinnamon or stoats with the irresistible aroma of salmon, Lure-It simplifies the preparation process, enabling both seasoned trappers and beginners to create an enticing environment for pests with just a few pumps.

Trapping Best Practices

Optimising Trap Placement and Maintenance:
The art of trapping lies in understanding the enemy. Being cognisant of pest behaviours can guide optimal trap placements, while regular maintenance ensures consistent results, making sure the efforts are not in vain.

Environmental Considerations:
Our mission might be to eliminate pests, but we must tread carefully to ensure we don't harm our environment or non-target species in the process. Environmentally-friendly baits, like Ratabate, play a crucial role in this delicate balancing act.

Community Involvement and the Road to Predator-Free 2050

Every New Zealander has a stake in preserving our natural heritage. The Predator-Free 2050 initiative epitomises this collective spirit. Drawing from Connovation's innovative solutions, we're not just envisioning a pest-free nation; we're on a tangible path towards it.


New Zealand's unique biodiversity isn't just a national treasure; it's a global responsibility. Armed with knowledge, innovation, and collective will, we aren't merely hoping for a harmonious ecosystem; we're actively crafting one.

Ready to champion the cause of a pest-free New Zealand? Dive deep into Connovation's groundbreaking product range today. Share your pest-trapping stories, insights, and feedback. Together, let's shape a greener, more vibrant future for Aotearoa.

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