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Connovation's team member, Chris Brown is racing for a cause. Organised by Virtual Motorsport NZ, Enduro for Mental Health is a 4-hour race with all proceeds going to the charity.

Read here to learn more about the Coheed ESport Team and their cause.

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The latest of three Predator Free 2050 Ltd (PF2050 Ltd) development contracts have resulted in a high-interaction-rate trap, long-life scented lures, and an AI thermal camera that can be deployed in remote locations. 

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The Yellow-eyed penguins also known as the Hoiho (in Maori) are native to New Zealand and are known as the world’s rarest penguins. Here's a quick read on why they are considered as endangered species and what efforts are being made to protect them. 

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Connovation has partnered with the Department of Conservation’s Biodiversity Team to develop ways to use PAPP as a landscape control tool for the elimination of Stoats. Click here to checkout some latest updates from DoC.

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Project Kiwi is the oldest community-led kiwi conservation project in New Zealand. From its base at Kuaotunu, north of Whitianga, the Trust administers an operational area of 2850 hectares on the Kuaotunu Peninsula.

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A little-known poison in the New Zealand's predator-free toolbox could humanely control the feral cats and stoats preying on native species.