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“That was the only time in my life that I considered suicide”, quoted Will Smith in his latest upcoming series ‘The Best Shape of my Life’. The documented trailer gives a peek into Smith’s personal life - a Will you’ve never seen before and a Will who realises what he needs to work on most is his mental health.

Mental health in New Zealand has been an alarming issue from several decades. Prevalence studies indicate that 50–80% of New Zealanders will experience mental distress or addiction challenges or both in their lifetime (Health, 2018). The pandemic along with the lockdowns has only made it worse. While there has been immense support from several organisations, individuals dealing with mental health issues have been asked to wait in queues for weeks together.

The battle is constant and therefore our members at Connovation are doing their bit to support the cause. One such great example is that of Chris Brown.


Coheed Racing Car at Virtual Motorsport NZ

 Coheed Racing Car at Virtual Motorsport NZ

Chris Brown, our super enthusiastic team member is a speed junkie (virtually, yeah :P). He has been racing on iRacing for almost 2 years and today he along with this team member Jake Orourke are racing for an incredible cause.

Coheed Racers - Chris Brown (right) and Jake Orourke (left)
Coheed Racers - Chris Brown (right) and Jake Orourke (left)

Coheed Esport Racing Team, founded by Chris, will be racing in ‘Enduro for Mental Health’ organised by Virtual Motorsport NZ. It is a 4-hour race around the racetrack Watkins Glen. This race is particularly noteworthy as all funds generated in this event will be donated to the mental health charity ‘I am Hope’.

I AM HOPE aims to promote positive attitudinal societal change around mental health throughout New Zealand, and fund private care and counselling for young people stuck-in-the-mud on waiting lists. They offer hope and a voice to young people in our country through various projects including school tours, practical courses such as a barber and barista course, allowing people to share their own journeys through the podcast series 'HopeCast' and much more.


Ferrari 488 GT3 EVO
Ferrari 488 GT3 EVO
Chris on his racing setup
Chris on the Simulator - All geared up for the race


Join us as we support our very own Coheed Esport Racing Team on 20th November at 3 PM NZT. Our team will be driving the Ferrari 488 GT3 EVO and the event will be live streamed on Twitch -

Coheed Sim Racing
Coheed Sim Racing


Chris and his teammate Jake are also currently racing in the SupercarsNZ GT3 league on Thursday nights and the Sim Motorsport New Zealand leagues in Nascar Cup cars on Wednesday nights. For those of you keen, you know where to catch them 😊

Car Racing Set Up

You will find them here :P

If you’d like to contribute your bit and donate for a cause, please visit - or scan the QR code below. And don’t forget to leave a note with your name and team name you’re supporting (Coheed Racing).


Donation QR Code

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