Philproof Bait Station: The Multifaceted Solution for Diverse Pest Management

The Philproof Bait Station is an exceptional example of a versatile and effective pest management system. It's a beacon of quality in the field of animal control, designed to confront a variety of pests including possums, rodents, rabbits, and even more elusive creatures like feral cats and mustelids. This range of bait stations is a one-stop solution for those seeking to manage multiple species efficiently.

Adaptable to Various Pests and Preferences
With the Philproof Bait Station, flexibility is the key. It comes in a range of sizes to accommodate different bait types and quantities, from large setups capable of holding 1600gm of cereal pellets (ideal for Feratox) or paste for possum and rodent control, to the Mini version perfect for managing areas where less bait is required. The Rabbit variant is specifically tailored with an enlarged entrance to cater to the burrowing habits of rabbits, ensuring the bait is precisely at their level for maximum efficacy.

Built to Endure
Durability is a cornerstone of the Philproof Bait Station. Each unit is constructed from heavy-duty plastic that promises longevity and resistance to the elements. Whether deployed in the damp underbrush or the arid open fields, these stations remain intact and operational, protecting the bait from weather and decay.

Practical and User-Friendly
Ease of use has been thoughtfully considered in the design of the Philproof Bait Station. It's engineered to be straightforward to transport into the field, ensuring that even remote or difficult terrain won't impede your pest control efforts. Once on-site, the stations can be quickly mounted on trees or posts using the provided spacer and a nail. The removable base makes for hassle-free refilling.

The Environmental Choice
In alignment with modern environmental standards, the Philproof Bait Station is not only robust but also designed to minimise its ecological footprint. It's a responsible choice for conservation-minded individuals and organisations that are looking for an effective means of pest control without compromising the integrity of the natural habitat.

A Comprehensive Solution
The Philproof Bait Station is a testament to practical design and versatility. It's a multi-species system that doesn't skimp on quality or performance. For those in need of a reliable, all-encompassing pest management solution, the Philproof range stands ready to meet the challenge, delivering top-tier results across a variety of environmental conditions and pest pressures.

Whether you are a professional in pest control, a conservationist, or a property owner, the Philproof Bait Station offers a seamless, effective, and environmentally responsible option to protect your environment from a broad spectrum of pests.


  • Connovation

    Hi Doug, flick us an email at and we can help you out! Thank you

  • Doug Longdill

    I am interested in purchasing four (4) of the Rabbit variant mini Philproof bait stations Are there any more details you could send? I would be interested to learn what the specific mounting recommendations are for rabbits – i presume close to the ground?

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