Comprehensive Guide to Possum Control: Unpacking Connovation's Diverse Lure Offerings

Comprehensive Guide to Possum Control: Unpacking Connovation's Diverse Lure Offerings

Possums can not only be a nuisance but are also a threat to New Zealand’s biodiversity, affecting native wildlife and vegetation. Effective control of possum populations often requires more than just traps and toxins — it needs the right lures. 

Lures are essential tools in pest management, designed to attract possums to traps or bait stations by engaging their senses of smell, sight, and taste. Connovation offers a specialised range of possum lures that capitalise on these senses to maximise control efforts. Explore the specifics of this specialised range below.

  1. Olfactory (Smell-Based) Lures

Connovation has developed a series of potent olfactory lures that are particularly effective due to their unique scents and are rare in New Zealand’s natural landscapes.

  • Smooth Aniseed or Cinnamon Lures: This lure emits a strong aniseed or cinnamon aroma, which is highly attractive to possums. Its intense scent profile makes it ideal for drawing possums from a distance, significantly increasing the likelihood of them encountering and interacting with bait stations or traps.
  • Lure-It Concentrated Lure: Available in enticing fragrances like raspberry and cinnamon, this concentrated lure can be diluted to desired strengths, making it versatile for different settings and requirements. It is particularly useful for creating an area of interest around control points.
  • Lure-It Ready-to-Use Pump Bottle & Aerosol Lure: These lures are designed for ease of use, with the pump bottle allowing for precise application and the aerosol version facilitating quick coverage of a larger area. The aerosol is especially useful in rapidly deploying scent markers around multiple bait stations or traps.
  • Resoakable Possum Lures: Designed to be both economical and environmentally friendly, these lures can be re-soaked in Lure-It solutions, allowing for repeated use. Made from durable and natural clay, they fit into a range of trap types and are ideal for sustained use in field conditions.
  1. Visual Lures

Visual stimuli are an effective method to pique the curiosity of nocturnal animals like possums.

  • BLAZE IT!: Blaze-It! Is our latest lure, designed to be easy to use and extremely attractive to pest populations of possums. Application is simple, throw a handful of the mix into the air around your bait station or trap. And let Blaze-it! work it’s magic. If your trap is in a tree we recommend throwing a handful onto the tree as well as around it. This creates a more visual lure, making the trap site even more enticing.
  • BLAZE IT! Pump Bottles: we also sell our BLAZE IT! Scent in our pump bottles so you can create a smell lure without the visuals for areas near the trap to create a path for the target pest to follow.
  • Decoy Eggs: Unreal yet real! Plastic dummy eggs also known as Decoy eggs are used as baits for Doc 150/200 traps. Our decoy eggs are solid, lightweight and log coloured. They look genuine and can work the magic along with smell lures. Try these with some Erayz and that should give you a ‘perfect catch’.
  1. Edible Lures

Edible lures attract possums and encourage them to consume bait, making them particularly effective for integrated pest management strategies.

  • Smooth Aniseed or Cinnamon Lure and Treacle Gold Lure: With their rich, inviting aromas and flavours, these lures are not just attractants but also encourage possums to consume bait at the site. This increases the efficiency of bait stations, especially in areas with high possum populations.
  • Eggsellent Lure: Mimicking the natural scent and flavour of eggs, this lure targets possums’ dietary preferences for protein, making it extremely effective in areas where possums are known to raid bird nests or have altered their natural diet preferences due to environmental changes.
  • Ferafeed 213 Paste: This paste offers a non-toxic but highly attractive option that can be used safely in both urban and rural settings. Its sticky consistency ensures it adheres well inside bait stations, reducing wastage and increasing contact time with the target species.
  • Peanut Classic Paste: A universally loved flavour, the peanut scent and taste are irresistible to possums. This paste facilitates easy application and is particularly useful in residential areas or places where non-target animal interference is minimal.
  • Ferafeed Striker and Ferafeed Pellets: These products integrate the attractant directly with the control agent, simplifying the baiting process. They are designed to be highly palatable, ensuring that possums consume an effective dose of the active ingredient upon interaction.
  • Double Tap Prefeed: Serving as an initial attractant, this prefeed helps acclimate possums to the baiting site, enhancing the effectiveness of subsequent control measures. It is especially beneficial in integrated pest management strategies where conditioning the target species to a baiting routine is crucial.


Pesky Pest Putty: This sticky, delectable lure is possum, rat and stoats kryptonite. With a consistency like dough it is easy to use and highly effective. With three flavour options to choose from: aniseed, cinnamon and salmon.

Stick a blob onto your trap trigger or within your bait stations to bring pests running for a taste of its sweet and/or fishy flavour. Smear onto the bark of trees leading to your traps to provide a visual and scented lure. 

Designed to last for a decent amount of time when used within traps or bait stations especially. It can withstand a fair bit of rainfall.


The efficacy of possum control efforts significantly depends on the strategic use of lures. Connovation’s comprehensive range offers specialised solutions tailored to exploit possums' sensory preferences, thus enhancing the success rates of trapping and baiting programs. Whether through olfactory, visual, or edible lures, these tools are essential for anyone committed to effective wildlife management and environmental conservation.

For more detailed guidance on selecting and deploying these lures, visit Connovation’s website or consult with our experts to tailor a possum control strategy that meets your specific needs. Together, we can achieve more sustainable and effective outcomes in managing possum populations.

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