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New Long Life Solid State Lures for Possums

From Field trials of novel lures for possum control by Dr Jamie MacKay₁ Jared Waters₂ and Dr Helen Blackie₃ focusing on the Solid State Lures here are some key findings on them and some initial positive customer feedback too.

The Solid State Lure has been developed to provide long-term targeted attraction to a trap or bait station and in several trials they have proven to be more attractive to possums than flour blaze with lower levels of rat interference. 
Possums were highly attracted to the solid state lures and were often seen trying to pull them off trees. The lures remained attractive over long periods of time without any refreshing and rodent interference levels were low. Flour blaze does attract possums but it is short lived and is also highly attractive to rodents therefore limiting its effectiveness.

Jean Stanley, Coordinator of the Pukawa Wildlife Management Group in Turangi, once their first order arrived said Blocks have amazing scent, if possums are around it should draw them in. On Jean’s recent second order of cinnamon Solid States she commented the guys are very impressed with them so keen to cover a larger area.

Solid States come pre-lured with cinnamon or aniseed scent and are highly scented with the lure visually pulled into the centre of the Solid State so choker full up with lure. When the lure scent eventually starts to dissipate then they can be easily and quickly refreshed with Lure-It Lure in a can from Connovation Ltd. Solid States come packed in 5, 100 or 500 and each has a hole through the centre so can be affixed to traps or nailed to trees near bait placements or traps.

₁University of Auckland ₂Unitec ₃Connovation Ltd


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