Mastering Rodent Control: The Essential Guide to Connovation's Rodent Lures

In the pursuit of effective rodent management, it is crucial to strike a balance between efficacy and environmental responsibility. Our specialised array of rodent lures is crafted to attract rodents through their senses of smell, sight, and taste, enhancing the success of traps and baits while minimising the ecological footprint. These lures are part of our broader effort to provide pest control options that are both more humane and environmentally friendly, aligning with our dedication to protecting our natural environment and resources. This guide delves into the diverse range of smell-based, visual, and edible lures available, each designed to meet the unique challenges posed by rodent control in various settings.

Understanding Rodent Lures

Rodent lures are specialised products used to create an area of interest and attract rodents for trapping or poisoning. By exploiting the natural behaviours and dietary preferences of rodents, these lures make it possible to control populations more efficiently. Connovation offers a broad spectrum of lures that cater to different environments and target species, ensuring that every rodent control scenario can be addressed with precision.

Overview of Connovation’s Smell and Visual Lures

Smell & Visual Lures:

  • Erayz Jerky Blocks & Paste
        • Description: Crafted from real dried meat, these jerky blocks and paste provide a natural and irresistible scent to rodents, mimicking their preferred food sources.
        • Applications: Ideal for use in both urban and rural settings, these lures can be placed in or near traps and bait stations to increase visitation.
        • Benefits: Their authentic meat scent attracts rodents more effectively than synthetic alternatives, making them particularly useful in areas with high rodent populations.
  • Resoakable Rat Lures
        • Description: These lures can be soaked in various Lure-It scents and reused, offering a versatile and cost-effective, longer lasting luring option.
        • Applications: They are perfect for continuous use in large infested areas, such as warehouses or agricultural properties.
        • Benefits: The ability to resoak these lures in different scents allows for flexibility in targeting specific rodent populations or adapting to changing infestation patterns.
  • Lure-It Concentrated Lure, Pump, and Aerosol
        • Description: Available in concentrated, pump, and aerosol forms, this range allows for customisable application based on the extent and nature of the rodent problem.
        • Applications: The concentrated lure can create potent scent trails, while the pump and aerosol options provide easy and quick coverage for rapid effects.
        • Benefits: These versatile forms enable precise control over the placement and intensity of the lure, enhancing trap effectiveness.
  • Smooth Cinnamon or Aniseed Lures
      • Description: Known for its strong and distinctive scent, the Smooth Cinnamon or Aniseed Lures are highly effective at drawing rodents out from their hiding spots.
      • Applications: These lures are particularly useful in environments where rodents are cautious and less likely to venture out into open spaces.
      • Benefits: The intense aroma of cinnamon or aniseed provides an enticing scent that is uncommon in most rodent-infested environments, increasing curiosity and trap interaction.

    Edible Lures:

  • Smooth Cinnamon or Aniseed Lures & Eggsellent Lure
        • Description: These lures offer appealing scents and flavours—cinnamon, aniseed and egg respectively—that are irresistible to rodents.
        • Applications: They can be used to enhance the palatability of baits and are particularly effective in settings where food sources are scarce.
        • Benefits: Both lures tap into rodents' foraging instincts, encouraging them to consume more bait and return to the area.
  • Ferafeed 213 Paste and Ferafeed Striker
        • Description: These pastes use food-based attractants.
        • Applications: Suitable for both indoor and outdoor use, these pastes can be applied directly or used in bait stations.
        • Benefits: The Ferafeed products help reduce bait hesitancy by prefeeding with a lure that is similar to the toxic bait you then use. Helping to manage rodent populations effectively and offering a practical solution to ongoing infestations.
  • Peanut Classic Paste
        • Description: This paste uses the universally appealing scent and taste of peanut to attract rodents.
        • Applications: It’s effective in a variety of settings, from residential kitchens to industrial warehouses.
        • Benefits: Its strong aroma and excellent palatability ensure high engagement rates from rodents, making it a staple in rodent control arsenals.
  • Double Tap Prefeed
      • Description: Designed to precondition rodents to bait stations, this prefeed helps reduce neophobia (fear of new things) and enhances the effectiveness of subsequent control measures.
      • Applications: Ideal for use before deploying lethal traps or toxic baits, particularly in areas with high rodent caution. It is important to clean your bait stations prior to applying pre-feeds to remove any residues from previous control operations.
      • Benefits: By familiarising rodents with the bait location as a safe food source, Double Tap Prefeed significantly increases the success rate of eradication efforts particularly where control operations have been carried out previously.
    Connovation is committed to advancing pest control solutions that are not only effective but also conscientious and sustainable. Our range of rodent lures reflects this commitment, combining cutting-edge science with a deep respect for environmental stewardship. Each product is designed to attract rodents efficiently, enhancing eradication efforts while minimising the impact on non-target species and the surrounding ecosystem. 

    By choosing Connovation's rodent lures, you are partnering with a leader dedicated to the protection of our natural environment and resources. Whether tackling small-scale infestations or addressing larger pest management challenges, Connovation provides the tools to achieve control effectively and as humanely as possible, ensuring our actions today foster a healthier, more sustainable world tomorrow.

    For detailed guidance on integrating these innovative lures into your pest management practices, or to explore more about how our products can assist in your environmental conservation efforts, visit Connovation's website or contact our expert team. Together, we can create effective solutions that safeguard both your property and our planet.

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