Effective Stoat Control: Exploring Connovation's PredaSTOP Toxin

Effective Stoat Control: Exploring Connovation's PredaSTOP Toxin

New Zealand is home to three species of mustelids: stoats, ferrets, and weasels which pose significant ecological and economic threats in New Zealand. Introduced in the 1800s,  these animals have flourished in the local environment, causing extensive damage. Of the three species, stoats have unfortunately adapted well to the New Zealand bush. Stoats prey on native birds and their young, attack poultry farms, and even threaten domestic pets. To protect New Zealand's native species and valuable resources, controlling stoat populations is essential. Connovation offers innovative, environmentally friendly and more humane solutions for effective stoat management.

Stoat Control Solutions

Effective stoat control requires a comprehensive approach. Connovation offers a range of products designed to address stoat problems more humanely and efficiently. Our solutions include toxins and traps, bait stations, lures and prefeed (non-toxic), warning signs, and monitoring tools. This blog will provide a guide to using Connovation’s toxin solution available for effective control of stoat populations. 

Understanding Stoat Toxins

Control stoats and other mustelids more humanely and effectively with our practical and innovative stoat toxin. Connovation's stoat toxin offers an environmentally friendly approach, providing a much lower risk of secondary poisoning for non-target species. The toxin is fast-acting, ensuring a more humane approach.

PredaSTOP for Stoat Control

PredaSTOP is a highly effective stoat toxin developed to provide an environmentally friendly solution for stoat control. It is mandatory to use PredaSTOP only in bait stations. PredaSTOP uses para-aminopropiophenone (PAPP) as its active ingredient. Once ingested, PAPP causes the predator to become lethargic and drowsy, converting the haemoglobin in red blood cells to methaemoglobin, which blocks the flow of oxygen to the brain and heart, eventually leading to death.

Prefeeding with minced meat prior to application is strongly recommended for improved bait uptake. 

Features of PredaSTOP:

  • Cost-Effective and Easy to Use: PredaSTOP is designed for efficient use in bait stations, targeting a high number of targets with minimal effort.
  • Fast-Acting and More Humane: The toxin ensures that target animals die quickly, reducing suffering.
  • Minimal Risk of Secondary Poisoning: The toxin breaks down rapidly, leaving no lasting toxic residues, which means a minimal risk of secondary poisoning for non-target species.
  • Pre-packaged in Syringes - provides a measured dose for each application. 

Environmental Impact:

  • Eco-Friendly: PredaSTOP is non-toxic to earthworms and other ground-dwelling life and has no adverse effects on watercourses.
  • Safer for Native Birds and Non-Target Species: When used correctly, the risk to non-target species is minimal, making it a responsible choice for stoat control.

Safety for Handlers:

  • Protective Measures: Handlers should always use gloves when handling PAPP baits and follow the Safety Data Sheet recommendations. PAPP baits should be destroyed at the end of the control program to ensure safety.
  • Licence Requirements: You need a Controlled Substance Licence (CSL) to buy, store and use these products. We must sight and record the details of your CSL (and in some situations, your Certified Handler Certificate) before you buy.

Historical Success:

PAPP was registered as PredaSTOP for stoat control in 2011. Field trials demonstrated significant success, with stoat populations decreasing by 83% and 87% over five days in separate trials.

How to Use PredaSTOP:

PredaSTOP is designed to be inserted into minced meat balls, which are then placed in fixed bait stations. Prefeeding with minced meat balls in bait stations is recommended to encourage stoats to return for the toxic bait sites once deployed. For detailed usage instructions, refer to the best practice document.

Controlling stoat populations is vital for protecting New Zealand's native species and agricultural resources. Connovation's PredaSTOP offers an effective, more humane, and environmentally responsible solution for stoat control. By integrating PredaSTOP into your pest management strategy, you can achieve significant reductions in stoat populations while minimising the impact on non-target species and the environment.

For more information on how to use PredaSTOP or to discuss tailored stoat control solutions, visit Connovation’s website or contact our expert team. Together, we can implement effective and responsible strategies to protect our valuable ecosystems and resources.

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