Erayz # 8 Dried Mustelid Blocks

Stoats & Ferrets -

How Good is Erayz # 8?

Geoff Marshall is based in Taumaraunui and contracts and carries out predator control work to protect blue duck/whio for Taumata Plantations Limited, Hancock Forest Management (NZ) Ltd.

Geoff phoned to order some more Erayz # 8 and made the following comments.

"When I first started doing stoat trapping I tried eggs but didn't get the kills as with Erayz # 8.

I swear by Erayz # 8, it is really good stuff and get double the kills versus using eggs. I'm using double set DOC traps in wooden boxes and I catch lots and lots of rats and stoats, and feral cats and have even caught two feral cats in a double set. Also, catching a lot of hedgehogs as well and one rabbit.


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