Run Through Rodent Bait Station

Run Through Rodent Bait Station

The Run Through Rodent Bait Station embodies a clever approach to pest management, perfectly engineered to exploit the natural behaviour of rats and mice. Understanding the innate caution of these creatures, the design offers them a visible escape route, which significantly increases their confidence to enter and interact with the bait station.

Designed for the Clever Rodent
Rodents are notorious for their survival instincts, which often make them elusive and challenging to catch. The Run Through Bait Station turns these instincts into a vulnerability by offering what appears to be a safe passage. This sense of security is precisely what lures them into the station, making it an effective tool in the pest control arsenal.

Versatile Baiting Options
This bait station is adaptable, allowing for the use of various potent baits such as D-Block and D-Block Extreme and Double Tap 28g, which are known for their palatability and efficacy. For those preferring a non-block option, RatAbate paste serves as a highly attractive and consumable bait for rodents. The station is designed to secure these baits onto a horizontal bar, ensuring that they remain in place for consistent rodent control.

Trapping Made Easy
In addition to baiting, the Run Through Bait Station is compatible with the D-Rat Minimalist and Snap-IT Rat Trap. These traps fit perfectly within the station, ensuring a seamless and efficient trapping experience. The traps are easy to set and provide a quick, humane method of rodent control, all while being safely contained within the bait station to prevent unintended interactions.

Strategic Placement for Maximum Impact
The success of any bait station lies in its placement. The Run Through Rodent Bait Station is designed for versatility in location. It can be strategically positioned around residential properties, gardens, sheds, and storage units — wherever rodent activity is a concern. Its discreet design allows it to blend into its surroundings, maintaining the aesthetic of your property while providing an effective line of defense against pests.

Environmental Sustainability
In line with Connovation's commitment to environmental sustainability, each Run Through Bait Station comes with a key that operates multiple units. When purchasing multiple units, we supply one key per 5 units to help reduce waste and environmental impact. This approach not only reduces waste but also ensures that the bait stations remain secure and inaccessible to non-target animals and children, aligning with the company's ethos of responsible pest control.

The Run Through Rodent Bait Station offers a blend of psychological savvy and practical design, providing an effective and user-friendly solution to rodent control. By mimicking a natural pathway and offering secure baiting and trapping options, it stands out as a premier choice for homeowners and pest control professionals alike.

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