Philproof Bait Station

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Philproof bait station - large and mini

Present and protect your bait and prefeed with Philproof industry-standard bait stations. They're suitable for control operations targeting:

  • possums
  • rodents
  • wallabies
  • rabbits
  • feral cats
  • mustelids (stoats, ferrets, weasels)

Philproof bait stations come in two sizes:

  • Large  holds 1600gm of cereal pellets or paste
  • Mini – holds 800gm of cereal pellets or paste (ideal for Feratox Pellets and Cyanara 50 Paste where your volume of toxin is lower).

Mount the bait stations on trees or posts with the nail and spacer provided. The removable base makes it quick and easy to refill.

Philproof bait stations are solid and robust (made from heavy-duty plastic), yet still easy to transport into the field.

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  • Top quality – Philproof are the industry-standard bait station
  • Solid and robust – made from heavy-duty plastic
  • Refill easily – with the removable base 
  • Waterproof – protect your bait and prefeed
  • Transport easily into the field
  • Extras – nail and spacer provided to mount them, spare bases are available if necessary