Rodent Traps

Quality rodent traps

Whether you’re trapping rats and mice around the house, backyard or on a larger scale in the bush, we have a range of humane rodent traps for your situation. Made from heavy-duty, quality components, our rodent traps are easy to use, safe, and efficient.

Our rodent trap range includes traps that:

  • are New Zealand made
  • are ground or tree-mounted
  • are highly visual to rodents
  • have a place to put a lure (improves the catch rate by luring rats and mice to your trap).

Plus, we have some handy tools to make using our rat traps safer and easier.

Use rodent traps on their own or alongside other rodent control methods depending on your infestation levels.

Rodent trapping tips

Boost your success rate with our rodent trapping tips:

  • Put the trap in the right place – this will depend on the trap you're using and whether you're doing urban or bush trapping. But generally:
    • look for any rat or mouse sign, e.g. droppings, gnawing, feeding activity, etc
  • Attach the trap firmly and correctly – look at the instructions for the trap you're using
  • Attract the rodent with a lure/bait – use:
    • peanut butter – rats love chunky texture
    • our lure range – either edible or smells
  • For added attraction, put some lure on the tree – down the tree branch or trunk, below or in front of the trap, leading to the trap entrance
  • Replace the lure/bait frequently – it won't attract rodents once it loses its smell.

Note: These are general rodent trapping tips. Experiences will differ depending on the trap used and the situation – urban, rural, or bush. For more information, see each trap instruction sheet.