Stoat Traps

Quality stoat traps

Whether you’re trapping stoats or other mustelids like ferrets and weasels around the backyard, farm, or community, we have a range of humane stoat traps for your situation. Made from heavy-duty, quality components, our stoat traps are easy to use, safe, and efficient.

Our stoat traps are from the DOC series of traps that are widely used in New Zealand. Plus, we have some handy tools to make using these traps safer and easier.

Use stoat traps on their own or alongside other stoat control methods depending on your infestation levels.

Mustelid trapping tips

Boost your success rate with our stoat, ferret, and weasel trapping tips:
  • Put the trap in the right place:
    • around hen or poultry houses, wood piles, farm buildings, stock tracks; rabbit burrows; small animal pad runs or tracks that pass under fences; small drain pipes that run under roads; under trees where vegetation is short; shelter belts and hedges; stream edges, rivers and ponds
    • look for sign, e.g. droppings.
  • Consider when to trap – February to April is the proven optimal time to trap mustelids. But if bird life and poultry are in danger, trap immediately.
  • Attach the trap firmly and correctly – look at the instructions for the trap you're using.
  • Attract the stoat, ferret, or weasel with a lure or blaze – use:
    • an egg
    • a blood trail to and around the trap site by dragging a dead rabbit or poultry carcass
    • our lure range - either edible or smells (our solid lures attach onto the wire inside the trap).

Note: These are general mustelid trapping tips. Experiences will differ depending on the trap used and the situation – backyard, rural, or bush. For more information, see each trap instruction sheet.