Resoakable Rat Lures

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Resoakable Rat Lures - for rodent control

"Resoak and reuse"

The resoakable lures are strong, longer-lasting and holds a lure scent well. As the name goes, they are resoakable. When the scent dissipates, just recharge the lures by soaking or spraying with our Lure-It range.

Resoakable Rat Lures are particularly good when you're targeting rats using traps with a bait holder cup. 

The rat lures are cylindrical and covered with an umbrella shaped design to fit perfectly into a range of traps. 

For more options, see our range of rat control products.


  • Great for areas with high rat numbers 
  • Strong-smelling – the lure is pulled into the centre of the clay and lasts for five months or longer (depending on weather conditions)
  • Reusable – soak them overnight in Lure-It or spray with Lure-It pump bottle when the scent dissipates
  • Easily attached – slide onto bait holders in rat traps
  • 4-pack, 10-pack or 50-pack
  • Measure - fits into a 14mm bait holder cup
  • Choose from a range of scents - Chocolate, Peanut, Salmon, Vanilla