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Target Species: Mice, Rats, Ferrets, Stoats and Hedgehogs

“Follow their footsteps”

Black Trakka is a monitoring tool used to identify both, native species and pest animals present in the backyard or forest. This monitoring system is widely used in New Zealand by the Department of Conservation (DoC), leading pest controllers and other conservationists. This system includes a polypropylene tunnel, an ink tracking card and two wires to secure the tunnel to the ground.  The tracking card comes folded in half, and when opened, has a non-drying, water-resistant ink in the center.

What species can be tracked using the Black Trakka?

The Black Trakka is used to track pest animals like mice, rats, ferrets, stoats and hedgehogs. It is also used to identify native species like frogs, wetas, lizards and other insects. This tracking tunnel is also effective in identifying little species like ants, cockroaches, etc.

Know and understand what’s present in your backyard with this non-toxic and safe-to-use monitoring tool.

How to use the tracking tunnel?

Place some lure in the center of the ink tracking card and push the card into the tunnel. The animal that’s attracted to the lure, enters the tracking tunnel and steps on the ink. With an inked feet, the animal moves about, leaving footprints on the white cardboard area. The oil within the ink enables the foot marks to be recorded in the absorbent section. The marks do not smudge, making this a very effective tracking tool.

Place the tracking tunnel near fence lines, around edges or under trees. If placed in an open space, cover the tunnel with grass to create a natural entrance path for species.

Note: For a longer shelf life, keep the cards in an airtight container and refrigerate it. Once opened, the cards will last for up to 4 weeks before the ink dries.


Hedgehog footprint on an ink tracking card

Image source: Gotcha Traps

What lures can be used?


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  • Lightweight and easy to use
  • Identify species in your backyard or forest
  • Environment friendly - recyclable polypropylene tunnel
  • Water-resistant ink tracking card 
  • Non-toxic and safe-to-use
  • Tunnel Size- 500mm x 100mm x 100mm
  • Card Size - 500mm x 100mm