Feral Cat Toxins - Controlled Substance Licence Required

Feral cat toxin

Control feral cats more effectively and humanely with our practical and innovative feral cat toxin. A more environmentally friendly approach to feral cat control, our feral cat toxin provides a much lower risk of secondary poisoning for non-target species.

For a double hit, our feral cat toxin also targets stoats and only needs one dose to do the job - making pest control more cost-effective. Plus, it's faster-acting which means a more humane result.

Important: You need a Controlled Substance Licence (CSL)

You need a Controlled Substance Licence (CSL) to buy, store, and use these products. We must sight and record the details of your CSL (and in some situations, your Approved Handler Certificate) before you buy.

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How to use our feral cat toxin

Our feral cat toxin is designed to be inserted into mincemeat balls which are placed in fixed bait stations. Prefeed with mincemeat balls placed in bait stations.

Refer to the best practice document for more information on how to use the feral cat toxin.