D-Rat Trap The Works


An effective rodent trap must have a powerful spring to ensure a quick kill and to minimise escapees, a shroud to position the rodent directly into a trap and be safe and easy to set.

The D-Rat range of traps has these features in abundance.


This is simple, effective and user-friendly trap that allows all ages and capabilities to efficiently control rodents. Engineered to last, and handle extreme outdoor bush environments, it works just as well as a tool around the house or in the shed for the urban rat. It is suitable for all users: urban, rural and professional trappers.

  • User-friendly, hands-clear operation. This makes it easy and safe to set for all age groups and abilities
  • Quick. The trap can be cleared and re-baited in less than five seconds
  • Variety of fixing options. Either use the provided re-usable cable tie for tree mounting, or the bayonet clip to fasten onto a wall stud or tree trunk. Both these options allow you to move the trap around with ease
  • Multi-rodent capability. Our patented Mouse Mode fine setter means one trap for both rats and mice
  • Light weight and easy to transport
  • Highly visual yellow shroud makes trap lines easy to follow plus keeps the bait fresh and birds clear
  • Trap lines can be permanent. Intensely trap for initial knock down, then re-livened when required
  • Maintenance free. Long life components made from the highest quality and durable materials to ensure trap always performs humanely at full power
  • Designed, engineered and manufactured in New Zealand.

The D-Rat comes in 3 variants:

  • The Minimalist; no shroud or reset bar/lever;
  • The Basic; no shroud but comes with the reset bar/lever;
  • The Works; shroud, reset bar/lever and setting instructions.

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