Flipping Timmy Possum Trap


Video: Flipping Timmy Unpacking

Video: Flipping Timmy Setup 1
Video: Flipping Timmy Setup 2

Video: Flipping Timmy: Best Practice for Removing Possums 


Our high-speed solution for possum control. This user-friendly and effective trap is designed for all ages and capabilities. Clean and safe to use, it requires no handling of the catch. This is a great tool for bush fringes, the farm or guarding an orchard from intruders. Designed for people who have conservation passion, but have busy lives. Trapping made safe, easy and fun.


  • Ergonomic, vertical set. No more bending over! This also allows you to blaze the tree to achieve greater attractiveness
  • Catch is held off the ground so it stays fresh and hygienic even if left uncleared
  • Quick reset time. Trap can be cleared, re-baited and set in seconds
  • Flexible baiting system and unique fine setting ability make this a very versatile trapping tool
  • Proven trap mechanical system optimised
  • Maintenance free. Long-life components made from the highest quality and durable materials to ensure trap always performs humanely at full power
  • Designed, engineered and manufactured in New Zealand with a 5 year full warranty

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