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D-Rat Supervisor Max (For Rodent Control)

A perfect fit for your backyard! With toddlers running around and pets playing in the garden, having a rat trap can be distressing. The Supervisor Max has been designed for home, backyard, and commercial use. Keeping your playful tots and pets in mind, it includes the shroud, reset lever, and automatic safety latch system which gives complete security for pets and children.

Supervisor Max has a mounted shield for safety purposes and easy-to-use mechanisms for all kinds of users - urban, rural, and professional trappers.

The Supervisor Max is a great addition to the D-Rat trap range. You can skip the wooden box and just place this lightweight trap in your backyard. Also called the tunnel trap, an opening at the mouth of the Supervisor Max gives it a tunnel-like entrance for rats and rodents making it easier to trap them.

Alert: Kids love using D-Rat traps – bright yellow, easy to use, stickers, cartoon-type characters to indicate the fine-set mode = engaging!

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  • Maintenance free– long-life components (stainless steel, quality recyclable polymers which allow for simple end-of-life recycling) that are made from the highest quality and durable materials to ensure trap always performs humanely at full power
  • User-friendly, hands-clear operation– makes it easy and safe to set for all age groups and abilities
  • Quick– clear, rebait, and reset in seconds. Easily remove the trap from the mounting clip in the wooden tunnel
  • Multi-rodent capability– patented Mouse Mode fine setter means one trap for both rats and mice
  • Highly visual– yellow shroud makes trap lines easy to follow, plus keeps the bait fresh and birds clear
  • Easily
  • Trap lines can be permanent– intensely trap for initial knock down, then re-liven when required
  • Designed, engineered and manufactured in New Zealand

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