DOC250 Trap Range

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DOC 250 trap range - for ferret, stoat, rat, and hedgehog control

The DOC250 is the largest trap in the DOC series of traps – 150, 200, 250.

It’s the industry-standard kill trap for ferrets, stoats, rats, and hedgehogs – used mainly where ferrets are the target animal.

Designed and manufactured in New Zealand, DOC traps are used all over the country by conservation groups, professional pest control operators, farmers, and of course, the Department of Conservation.

Traps – two options:

  • Stainless steel – good for damp, humid, and salty environments
  • Combo: stainless steel trigger + galvanised iron body – good for areas where it isn’t so damp, humid, and salty

Housing – one option:

  • Traditional wooden housing – made of natural materials, all sharp wire edges removed, blends in with the environment

Buy the traps or housing only, or a combination of trap + housing.

For more options, see our range of rodent control and stoat control products.


  • Powerful – ensures a swift, humane kill
  • Made to last – stainless steel, galvanised iron
  • Use with our trapping tools for more safety:
    • Safety strap for DOC traps
    • Terra Don trapping tool
    • DOC trap setting tool