EnviroMate100TM - Automated Bait Station

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Target Species: For Rodent and Possum Control

 “Increase catch rate with fewer visits to the target area”

The EnviroMate is an all-in-one non-toxic/ toxic bait dispensing pest control tool. This automated and programmable tool can be used alone or in conjunction with traps.

EnviroMate 100TM is strong and durable and fitted with 7 internally rotating compartments to be filled with baits. These baits are revealed to pests based on the programmed settings (eg. A new compartment is revealed every two days). This technique keeps pests from overeating, thus avoiding wastage and also protects it from various weather conditions.

Trials show possums have a 225% increased catch rate when using toxins (Feratox) in conjunction with the enviroMate on a permanent trap site and a 30% increase in trap capture per site visit when non toxic lures are used.

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  • Inbuilt electronic timer to control the regular release of fresh baits, lures, poisons (releasing in acute amounts, and without contaminating the environment)
  • Used to pre feed prior to trap setting
  • Used as a poison dispenser
  • Monitors for reinvasion of pests in the target area
  • Robust, well designed, and run on a 9-volt battery that lasts a year
  • Fixed brackets enable quick relocation
  • Baits and lures within the Enviromate are protected safely from both weather and animals

Instruction Manual: 

How to use the Enviromate

Enviromate100TM Info Sheet