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Erayz non-toxic paste - for mustelid and rodent control

Attract mustelids (stoats, ferrets, and weasels) and rats to kill and live-capture traps with Erayz non-toxic paste, which is based on the natural food mustelids eat – rabbit.

Erayz paste's base ingredient is reconstituted feral rabbit with preservative. It's stiff and moist with hair and bone through it and smells just like fresh rabbit meat. 

Use Erayz paste on or near kill traps, e.g. DOC 200 or 250 traps, or smear it on boxes that house traps.

Erayz also comes in dried jerky blocks and couples well with our Lure-It salmon-scented lure.

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  • Natural – rabbit-based bait is highly appetising to mustelids and rats
  • Long-lasting in the field – doesn't get fly blown and easily outlasts other fresh bait
  • Good shelf life – will store well for 3-4 months or longer if put in the freezer
  • Made in New Zealand