Ferafeed Pellets

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Ferafeed non-toxic pellets - for possum and rodent control

Prefeeding – research shows it’s the key to successful control operations. That’s because target animals become familiar with the flavour and delivery method of a non-toxic prefeed before toxic baits are given in the same way.

Use Ferafeed non-toxic pellets to prefeed before you use toxic pellets, e.g. Feratox Pellets, to attract possums and rodents.

Put Ferafeed non-toxic pellets in permanent bait stations, or use them around traps to attract target animals.

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  • Highly palatable to possums and rats – made with extruded grain (grain that's forced into easily edible pellet form)
  • Easy to use and convenient – just throw the pellets in bait stations or scatter them around traps