Ferafeed Striker 18g

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Ferafeed Striker 18g - for possum, rodent, and wallaby control

A ready-to-use product, our Ferafeed Strikers contain 18g of Ferafeed 213 non-toxic paste, which sits in a biodegradable potato starch bait station on a weatherproof card. 

Ferafeed 213 is our most popular prefeed to attract possums, rodents, and wallabies to traps and bait stations. It’s full of the good stuff like peanut butter and mixed grains, so target animals find it highly attractive. 

Use Ferafeed 213 Strikers in one-off or short-term pest control situations where you don’t need permanent bait stations. Follow them up with Feracol Strikers or Wallaby Strikers (for Bennett's Wallaby). They’re easy to use – just staple them onto trees or suitable posts.

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  • Weatherproof – Strikers are dipped in wax which also protects when handling them
  • Easy to use – just staple onto trees or suitable posts
  • Biodegradable – after target animals tamper with the Striker, it starts to degrade and completely breaks down in the field over a few weeks. Clean up may not be necessary.
  • Labelled – to show they’re non-toxic

Ferafeed 213 non-toxic paste

  • Highly palatable to target animals – uses top human-grade ingredients such as peanut butter and mixed grains
  • Prevents animals hiding and storing it (bait caching) – the paste format encourages bait station feeding instead
  • Our most popular prefeed – in the Ferafeed non-toxic paste range
  • Used by experts – the Department of Conservation and other leading conservationists and pest controllers