Flipping Timmy Possum Trap

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Flipping Timmy possum trap

Take the proven mechanical system of a Timms trap and optimise it with sturdier components. And then mount it on a tree. That’s your Flipping Timmy possum trap! Quicker, easier, and more versatile.

Feel confident dealing with your possum problem with this user-friendly, safe, and effective trap designed for all ages and capabilities. And you don’t even need to touch the catch! 

Use the Flipping Timmy possum trap around bush fringes, the farm, or the orchard. 

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  • No more bending over! – the trap is tree-mounted, which means you can also blaze the tree to attract possums
  • Catch is held off the ground – it stays fresh and hygienic even if left uncleared
  • Quick reset time – clear, rebait, and reset in seconds
  • Versatile – it has a flexible baiting system and unique fine-setting ability
  • Maintenance free – long-life components made from the highest quality and durable materials to make sure the trap always performs humanely at full power
  • Designed, engineered, and manufactured in New Zealand – with a 5-year full warranty
  • Ideal for use with our lure range – either edible or smells (our solid lures attach onto the wire inside the trap)

Instruction videos 

Instruction Manual