Magpie Trap

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Target species: Magpies and other small pest birds and animals

“Escaping is not really an option”

Magpie trap is a live capture cage trap for targeting small species like magpies, mynas, pigeons, ducks, pukekos, rabbits, and more.

This trap is perfect for small pests due to its door locking system and small mesh size – 25mm - it prevents the animal or bird from escaping.

This live capture cage trap is great for trap shy animals like rabbits as its easy to camouflage due to the green powder coating.

For greater rust protection, the trap is double coated – made from zinc coated steep and then powder coated for extra protection.

Use a suitable bait to lure the birds or animals to the traps. 

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Features of the magpie trap:

  • Size: 500mm long x 280mm wide x 280mm high (not including door rails)
  • Easy to set and use
  • Double acting trip mechanism: the trap is activated when the animal/ bird lands on either side of trap
  • Sensitive trip mechanism – helps traps small birds like sparrows and small pests
  • Large removable mirror: for inquisitive pests like magpies
  • Small mesh size: Prevents escape
  • Live capture: Safe and humane

 Tips to get rid of magpies: 

  • Place the trap at a location where magpies are often seen in groups or feeding.
  • They are inquisitive birds and are attracted to shiny objects and fatty food.
  • Bait the trap with food like butter, dog food or meat scraps.
  • Placing a mirror, tin-foil or metal object in the rear of the trap compartment will also help lure curious magpies.