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RatAbate Strikers - for rat control

Save yourself time and effort with RatAbate Strikers - a ready-to-use product that effectively controls rats.

One RatAbate Striker = 18g of Ferafeed 213 non-toxic paste with Diphacinone added. This sits in a biodegradable, potato starch bait station on a weatherproof card.

The low risk of secondary poisoning from first-generation anticoagulants like Diphacinone makes them a great choice for farm situations and the environmentally conscious.

Use RatAbate Strikers in one-off or short-term pest control situations where you don’t need permanent bait stations. They’re easy to use – just staple them onto trees or suitable posts.

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Active ingredient

  • Diphacinone – 0.05g/kg


  • Highly palatable – rats love it!
  • Weatherproof – Strikers are dipped in wax

  • Biodegradable – Strikers start to degrade after target animals tamper with them, then completely break down in the field over a few weeks. Clean up may not be necessary.

  • Low risk of secondary poisoning – its short half-life* compares favourably to other toxins
  • Used by experts – the Department of Conservation and other leading conservationists and pest controllers
  • Antidote is readily available – Vitamin K
  • No Controlled Substance Licence (CSL) required

*how long a substance takes to reduce its concentration by half

Environmental impact

  • Breaks down a lot faster than other toxins – its half-life* in tissue and blood is only 3 days. Brodifacoum, the most commonly used second-generation anticoagulant, is 130-300 days.
  • Minimal risk of secondary poisoning
  • Minimal risk to native birds and non-target species

Safety for handlers

How to use RatAbate Strikers


  • Controlling rats in New Zealand since 2006