Snap-It Rat Trap

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Target Species: Rat/ Mouse

“Perfect trap for all your bait stations”

SNAP-IT rat trap is a powerful kill trap that’s lightweight and easy-to-use. The bait holder is well-situated to attract rats or mice to your traps.

To set the trap, simply pull the metal bar backwards until it is locked (SNAP-IT rat trap is a sensitive kill trap. Please make sure you follow safety guidelines while using it.)

This trap enables you to release the catch without touching it, thus making your trap time easier, cleaner and quicker.

SNAP-IT kill trap is sized perfectly to fit into most bait stations like:

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  • Lightweight to carry around
  • Bait holder to entice the rat or mouse
  • Easy to bait, set and release catch
  • Plastic and metal construction
  • Sensitive yet powerful kill trap