Terra Don Trapping Tool

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Terra Don trapping tool - for possum, rat, stoat, and hedgehog control

The Terra Don is a fun, light-weight multi-tool that makes easy work of clearing and rebaiting DOC traps and D-Rat traps – safely and hygienically. 

It’s angled to use easily with the DOC 150, 200, 250 traps to pick up, scrape out, and throw clear any catches. But use it with any trap, for example the D-Rat trap. The hooked head is designed to scrape out any leftover lure or bait from these traps. 

Alert: Kids love the Terra Don! It looks like a Pterodactyl, especially when you move its jaws (hey, if it gets the kids involved …!)


  • Angled head – lets you see into the trap where you are working
  • Multi-purpose – also allows you to safely rebait and set a DOC trap without unsetting it
  • Top quality – made from recyclable, high-grade nylon 6 polymer to ensure maximum durability and long service life
    • its highly polished and smooth surface allows swipe-cleaning on surrounding foliage or grass
  • Kids love it! – getting kids involved in trapping is key for our conservation future

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