Rat Trap Wooden Tunnel

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Rat Trap Wooden Tunnel – For Rodents & Mice

"Fits any rat trap of your choice"

Note: This is a tunnel only. You can get a rat trap of your choice here - RAT TRAPS.

The Rat Trap Wooden Tunnel is designed to protect non-target species from triggering the trap. It securely fits in all types of traps including Victor rat traps, Snap-It rat traps, D-Rat Traps and others.

Use it with our Lure-It range or resoakable rat lures.

For more options, see our range of rodent control products.



  1. Sturdy - built with industrial timber.
  2. Includes rubber tabs to hold the traps firm
  3. Removable tabs for larger traps like Victor rat traps
  4. Safe around non-target species like birds, pets, kids, etc.
  5. Suitable for all weather conditions