Feral cats are widespread in New Zealand. They are a major threat to our wildlife, impacting on almost all wildlife habitats below the snow line. Here they prey on rabbits, birds and bird eggs, rats, hares, bats, lizards, mice, wētā and other insects. Sadly many of our bird, lizard and bat species are classified as either at risk or endangered. Ground nesting birds such as dotterels, black stilts and kiwi are particularly vulnerable to predation by feral cats.

Feral cats are not simply stray cats. Strays still interact with human beings when it suits them. Feral cats live in the wild. They do not interact with, or rely on, human beings at all. 

Connovation offer a range of products designed to control feral cat populations. These include lures, traps, and eco-friendly biodegradable poisons. We also offer a range of unique monitoring and recording products.

To learn about the best way to deal with your feral cat problem humanely and how to use  Connovation's range of products successfully, have a look at our product brochures, best practice guidelines, product labels and safety data sheets