Alert 365 - Double Rat Trap Tunnel

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Target Species: For Rodent Control

"Save up to 70% time on your site visits and only check boxes that have activity."

This bait station is designed to save that extra time and effort needed to check your traps. The Alert 365 flagging system makes it easy to detect if the trap has been activated. A quick glance is all you need.

This device is a double entry rat bait station. The visible escape route at the end of the tunnel makes it more likely for a rat to enter.

It can hold 2 rods for bait blocks or 2 traps with lock-in holders to hold them securely in place.

Use the Alert 365 Bait Station with:

The Alert 365 Double Rat Trap Tunnel is ideal for around the house, sheds, or storage units.

(Note: As we are moving towards environmental sustainability, we will supply one key per 5 bait stations. But if you'd like more keys, we will ofcourse provide it at no extra cost)

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  • Secure tamper resistant locking system (Uni-Key compatible)
  • Unique alert flags show at a glance if traps have been activated
  • Clear line of sight helps encourage rapid rodent acceptance
  • Lock-in rat trap holders, keep traps held securely in place
  • Holds two rat traps, that can be activated independently
  • Holds two rods for paste and block baits
  • Mounting holes in the base to secure the station vertically on rat runs
  • Holes in the back of the station for securing to walls and fixing points
  • Large drainage holes to prevent box from filling with water
  • Also compatible with other popular rat traps