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Double Tap Prefeed (non-toxic) - for possum and rat control

Prefeeding – research shows it’s the key to successful control operations. That’s because target animals become familiar with the flavour and delivery method of a non-toxic prefeed before toxic baits are given in the same way.

Double Tap prefeed is a non-toxic pellet and it's our most popular prefeed to attract possums and rodents to traps and bait stations. It’s made with the same ingredients as Double Tap but without toxic ingredients, so target animals find it highly attractive at the time of prefeeding as well as, when baits are switched. 


  • Highly palatable to possums and rats – made with extruded grain (grain that's forced into easily edible pellet form)
  • Our most popular prefeed 
  • Easy to use and convenient – just throw the pellets in bait stations or scatter them around traps

The Double Tap Prefeed is a Companion Product to Double Tap
Here is Information About Double Tap

Double Tap is faster acting than comparable products, which means it’s more humane and cost effective – you use less of it. And with minimal risk of secondary poisoning, it’s the step ahead in environmental protection and a safer way to a Pest Free 2050.

Active ingredients

  • Diphacinone – 0.05g/kg 
  • Cholecalciferol (Vitamin D3) – 0.60g/kg 

To top it off, you don’t need a Controlled Substance Licence (CSL) to buy or use it.

Use Double Tap Pellets Bait 12g in the Philproof Bait Station.

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