Feratox Pellets for Bennett's Wallaby

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Please note a Controlled Substance License ("CSL") is required to purchase, store and use these products. We must sight & record the details of your CSL & where appropriate your Approved Handler Certificate, before purchase. Please email your order requirement on sales@connovation.co.nz and we'll advice with the GST and freight charges.

Feratox pellets - for Bennett's Wallaby control

Feratox pellets offer a targeted and safer approach to effectively control Bennett's Wallabies. These unique encapsulated pellets of potassium cyanide pose minimal risk to native birds and non-target species.

Feratox pellets are also faster acting, more humane, and safer for people handling them.

Use them in permanent bait stations, or our Bio Bags and Striker bait stations that you staple onto trees. If you want a ready-to-use product, look at our Feratox Bio Bags.

Important: You need a Controlled Substance Licence (CSL) to buy, store and use these products. We must sight and record the details of your CSL (and in some situations, your Approved Handler Certificate) before you buy. 

Call us to order Feratox pellets. For more options, see our range of wallaby control products.

Active ingredient

  • Potassium cyanide – 475g/kg


  • Controlled toxin amount – the size of a dried pea, each pellet contains 220-240mg of potassium cyanide
  • Toxin is encapsulated – by a hard, brittle coating that requires an animal with considerable jaw pressure to crack it (which means birds can’t)
  • Fast acting and humane – target animals die quickly and are usually found close to bait stations
  • Minimal risk of secondary poisoning – the cyanide gas emitted once the target animal eats the pellet is virtually undetectable. This means no lasting toxic residues, so low risk of secondary poisoning.
  • Easily removed (if necessary) – stock can return to land blocks quickly after control operations
  • One pellet = one kill
  • Tamper proof seal on bottle

 Environmental impact

  • No lasting toxic residues
  • Minimal risk of secondary poisoning
  • Minimal risk to native birds and non-target species

Safety for handlers

  • Cyanide gas emissions are virtually undetectable – this means it’s safer for people handling the pellets
  • Use according to the Safety Data Sheet

How to use


Controlling Bennett's Wallaby in New Zealand since 2011