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PoaUku - For Rats, Possums and Mustelids

Here's a detailed analysis of the PoaUku field trials. Click here to view the report.


PoaUku are premium, long life, high-quality lures with proven attractiveness for rats, possums, and mustelids. It translates in Te Reo as Poa = Lure and Uku = Clay.

PoaUku are robust, inedible, and environmentally friendly nature means they offer a substantial improvement over many conventional lures, such as peanut butter and fresh meat (which rapidly deteriorate in the field and can be consumed by non-targets.

These scents were rigorously field tested in a wide range of habitats and environmental conditions from Northland to Fiordland. The lures remained attractive to target species for more than 12 weeks (with rat and ferret interactions continuing to peak at 12 weeks of field deployment).

Field trials for Poa Uku with Stoats

Field tests 

Here are some statistics from the field tests conducted by Predator Free 2050.

The first graph shows higher rat and possum interaction rate with PoaUku lures when compared to Fresh Peanut Butter lure. The results show that a very high number of rats and possums are attracted to the PoaUku lures.

Pest interactions with Poa Uku Lures and Fresh Peanut Butter Lure
Pest interactions with PoaUku Lures and Fresh Peanut Butter Lure


The second graph compares the number of rat interactions with PoaUku lures and fresh peanut butter during a specific period. The result shows the interactions with the PoaUku lures steadily increasing with time and reached the peak after 3 months.

Pest interaction during a specific period

Pest interaction during a specific period

PoaUku were developed through Predator Free 2050’s Products to Projects fund, which helps bring affordable and effective predator control solutions to the market.

PoaUku lures have a long life however, they cannot be refreshed or recharged.

For rechargable lures, check out our Terracotta Trap Lures.

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Key features:

  • 100% natural ingredients
  • Treated with a proven long-life scent
  • Proven higher interaction and capture rates
  • Reduces time and labour costs associated with refreshing traditional, food-based lures
  • Environmentally robust, even in extreme weather conditions
  • Can be used to attract the target predator(s) to standard traps, bait stations and monitoring devices
  • Solid-state (inedible) by non-targets
  • Sustainable and environmentally friendly
  • Simple to deploy, lightweight, and mess-free
  • Multiple scent options available to provide for diversity