Timms Possum Trap

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Timms possum trap

The Timms trap is an industry-standard possum kill trap found in many rural New Zealand backyards.

Designed to sit on the ground, the Timms trap is strong, lightweight, compact, and easy to use. That’s why it’s been around so long and is one of the best possum traps for isolated problems – around the backyard or farm sheds. The Timms trap also works well in larger areas to control possums.

Slip one of our solid lures onto the wire inside to attract possums to the trap.

For more options, see our range of possum control products.


  • Proven effectiveness – over large areas and smaller, isolated problem areas
  • Tough – made from polyethylene plastic
  • Bright yellow – an effective visual lure for the curious possum
  • Safe – it excludes non-target species provided it is baited for possums
  • Ideal for use with – our trap lures, terracotta lures, and Lure-It sprays
  • Improve it! – convert the Timms trap to a tree/post-mounted trap using the Flipping Timmy conversion base