Vertox Mouse Bait

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Target Species: For Mouse, Mice and Rat control

“It’s a wax attack”

Vertox Mouse Baits are a highly palatable formulation designed keeping in mind the weather conditions/ situations. The incorporation of bio-stat inhibits the growth of both fungi and bacteria should the bait be exposed to damp or humid conditions.

This wax-coated bait blocks are ready-to-use and contain high quality ingredients like wheat flour, blended with chopped wheat, other cereals and proteins that are bound together with edible wax.

The wax blocks are manufactured by a hot casting process ensuring the wax and other components are intimately mixed.

The chocolatey aroma along with the addition of other food grade materials, makes the Vertox Mouse Bait a highly successful one.

Use it in rodent bait stations where you can secure the block through the hole in the centre.

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Active Ingredients
  • Brodifacoum - 05g/kg
  • Denatonium Benzoate – 0.01g/kg
  1. Small and light weight – Each block weighs 10 grams
  2. 1000 blocks per pail
  3. Use indoors or outdoors – in bait stations
  4. Edible wax coated block with high grade food materials
  5. Chocolatey Scent to attract mice and rats
  6. Suitable for all weather conditions
  7. The blocks have a hole through the centre that allows them to be securely fixed in a bait station.
  8. No Controlled Substance Licence (CSL) required