Rodent Bait Station - Zig Zag

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Target Species: Rodents/ Rats and Mice

Note: As we are moving towards environmental sustainability, we will supply one key per 5 bait stations. But if you'd like more keys, we will ofcourse provide it at no extra cost. 

Get peace of mind that children, pets, and birds can’t access bait or traps with the Zig Zag bait station. Rats and mice zig-zag their way through the tunnel’s chambers which prevent curious hands, noses, and beaks from doing the same.  

Effective rat baits to use with this bait station:

Rat traps that fit into the Zig Zag bait station:

(This bait station fits only one trap at a time)

Best lures to attract rats to your bait stations:

Secure the bait or trap inside the bait station and lock with the key provided. Lures can be used inside, at the entrance and on the path to the bait station.

Where to place the bait station:

The Zig Zag bait station is ideal for around the house, sheds, or storage units.

For more options, see our range of rodent control products.


  • Lockable and tamper-proof – keeps children and pets away (key provided)
  • Secure poison blocks – onto the internal horizontal bar 
  • Holds up to – 150g of RatAbate paste
  • Fits one trap – the D-Rat Minimalist or the Snap-IT Rat Trap fits well