Snap-IT Rat Trap - Smooth Bar

Product Features

  • Sturdy robust rat kill trap.
  • Strong with metal killing bar makes escapes highly unlikely.
  • Will catch very large rats.
  • Removable bait cup allows solid or liquid baits to be placed into the reservoir. 
  • Plastic - easy to set - extremely effective - reusable.
  • Ideal for use in those special situations where poisons cannot be used.
  • Each trap has two holes for securing in place. Traps can be secured on boards at ground level or cable tied/wired to pipes, rafters, or they can placed inside Connovation’s Rodent Café’ tamper-resistant bait stations.  
  • The IPC Trap is designed to be secured into an IPC Rodent Cafe Bait Station where it can be activated.

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